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When requesting a free quote for tyre replacement you will need to provide us with your tyre size. Please have this information handy before proceeding to the form page.

This is an example of the identification number placed on the wall of your existing car tyre. Should you have any problem in finding this identification number just drop in to our service centre where we can identify the tyre size, and condition.


Why should I check my tyre tread depth and condition?

Tyres are the only source of contact between your car and the road. Your car's stopping distance, cornering and fuel efficiency are all affected by the condition of your tyres.


1.  As your tyres wear and tread depth decreases, your grip reduces and stopping distances increase in wet conditions.


2.  1.5mm is the legal minimum tread depth - any less and you won't pass a WOF inspection. Remember, the deeper the tread, the safer you'll be.


3.  A an easy way to check your tread depth is to insert a 20c coin into the tread. The base of the number 20 is approximately 2mm from the edge of the coin, so if you can see the whole of the number, it's time to think about replacing your tyres.

4. Most tyres have moulded tread-depth indicators which are flush with the tyre tread when it has reached the minimum depth. Look for a triangle (p) or TWI (tyre wear indicator) marking which appears in about 6 places around the side of the tyre. 5. While you're at it, check for any bulges on the tyre wall, or objects sticking out that might cause an air leak. 6. If you notice any problems or have any concerns about your tyre condition, just drop in and we'll be able to provide you with a professional inspection. Travel safe! Ensure tyres are in good condition.
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