Vehicle Servicing - Diesel Cars



The STANDARD SERVICE for diesel driven cars includes:


29 point service as detailed below


PLEASE NOTE: The STANDARD Service • Includes oil change with up to 6 litres of quality oil and standard oil filter (up to $40 retail) - extra oil and some filters will be an additional charge


(Grey area below identifies additional service checks included with a PREMIUM SERVICE)

Standard Service Includes


1. Change engine oil

2. Change engine oil filter

3. Check / Fill brake fluid

4. Check brake fluid condition

5. Check / fill / test clutch fluid level

6. Check / fill / test coolant/radiator fluid level

7. Visual check of radiator cap

8. Visual check of cooling system hoses

9. Check / Fill power steering fluid

10. Check / Fill battery fluid level

11. Test battery condition

12. Check / Fill windscreen washer fluid

13. Visual check air filter

14. Check / Adjust gearbox / transmission fluid level

15. Check / Adjust diff / transaxle fluid level

16. Check / Adjust tyre pressure and condition

17. Blacken tyres

18. Check / Clean windscreen

19. Check all lights

20. Check / Adjust headlights

21. Visual Inspection exhaust system

22. Inspection all suspension joints, steering rack / CV boot

23. Lubricate door hinges

24. Deodorise interior

25. Vacuum interior

26. Visual Check fan / vee belt

27. Visual search for replacement date cam belt

28. Check / Measure tyre condition

29. Road Test

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Additional checkpoints with the Premium Service include:

30. Check charging system output

31. Test exhaust gas analysis / emission test

32. Replace up to 3 standard wiper blades

33. Complete diagnostic scan for engine faults

34. Check cabin filter (where applicable and accessible)

35. Check seat belts

36. Check operation of air-conditioning

37. Replace fuel filter

48. Visual check / adjust brakes

39. Rotate tyres (if required)

40. Visual check wheel cylinders

41. Visual check turbo pipe feed (if fitted)

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