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When purchasing a new motor vehicle never be caught out by buying someone else's problems.


A vehicle may look a million dollars on the outside, but unless you are sure the rest of the vehicle is of the same condition and value, your purchase price may only be the beginning of your spending.


A Pre-Purchase Car Inspection will ensure you are aware of the condition of the car you are buying. We provide you with a thorough inspection, from both aspects of visual and operational.


What we can't identify is hidden defects, intermittent problems, problems which can't be identified from a visual inspection or where parts of the vehicle would need to be dismantled. We also can't identify items which could occur after inspection. But what we can assure you is that you will have the best knowledge available with regards to the true condition of the vehicle as you make your purchase decision.


Following is a brief overview of a vehicle inspection, although your are provided with a comprehensive itemised component check sheet.


      The exterior condition of the vehicle

      The interior including air conditioning

      Transmission, differential, CV joints etc


      Cooling System

      Steering and Suspension



      Test drive to assess the overall performance and driveability. We check aspects such as the transmission shift quality, general engine

      performance, drive line vibration, brake performance and road handling.

A Vehicle Pre-Purchase Inspection will provide you with peace of mind as you purchase your new vehicle.


and if you are selling an existing car .....


showing a prospective buyer a vehicle evaluation report will go a tremendous way in helping you to achieve a sale.



To book your vehicle in for a Pre-Purchase Inspection phone 578 8110 or book online below


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